Making Sure Your Sexually Active Teenage Daughter Is Examined By A Gynecologist Annually

If you have a sexually active teenage daughter, she will need to have an annual examination by a gynecologist. You must have a conversation with her about a subject that she might be embarrassed about. However, in the interest of protecting her from contracting sexually-transmitted diseases, that conversation must take place. Once you've convinced her that she needs to visit a gynecologist, the next thing to do is help her find a gynecologist whom she'll be comfortable with on her first visit.

Have a Conversation About Contraceptives

It's best to have an open discussion about the use of a contraceptive rather than your child risking the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy at a young age. Once she agrees to sit down and talk about this issue, tell her that you'll help her find a gynecologist.

Ask Relatives Or Friends To Recommend Their Gynecologist

Relatives or friends may have daughters who are sexually active. They might be able to recommend a gynecologist whom their teenage daughter uses. First-hand information about a gynecologist gives you an idea about the physician's practice and attitude toward a teenager. Go ahead and find a gynecologist and talk to your daughter about the one that might just be right for her.

Qualities To Look For In A Gynecologist

It's important for your daughter to have a gynecologist who will take the time to address her concerns when she is worried about a medical condition that she might be experiencing. If your daughter later confides in you that a gynecologist you've chosen for her is a bit reserved or hurries her out of the office, then you should help her to find another practitioner.

Reassure Your Child About What To Expect On The Initial Visit

Your daughter, on her first visit, will undergo a physical examination by the gynecologist. Laboratory workup will also be performed to identify any ongoing sexually-transmitted diseases that may require treatment. Body parts examined by the gynecologist are subject to diseases that may develop by virtue of genetics or through the act of sexual intercourse.

Banish The Embarrassment Of Discussing Sexual Matters

Bear in mind that while you may be uncomfortable about discussing the topic of sexual matters with your daughter, you should find it sobering to learn that 43 percent of girls aged 15 to 19 years old have had sex, according to a government survey. This is all the more reason why the subject must be discussed to make sure that your daughter is also using a safe birth control product that prevents her from becoming pregnant.

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